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[DENIED] RemasteredCods Staff Application

Minecraft Username: RemasteredCod
Timezone: eastern standard time
Age: 20
In-game Level: 111

What's your activity level?
Atleast 5-8 hours a day.

Do you know the server rules and features well?
Do not harrass others and be respectful,Do not spam discord or minecraft chat, Do not bypass chat filters, Do not advertise your discord/minecraft server ANYWHERE,Do not be racist homophobic or talk inappropriately.
What makes you better than other applying applicants?
I dont think im better then any other applicants. Im very experienced as Staff Though and have been Everything From helper to server owner before.
I Know how to Config Plugins in and out of game Like essentials or . I can help players solve problems, advertise record for the server  Etc.
Why do you want to be a staff member?
To improve the server In what ever way I can, Helping grow the playerbase, Doing events, Solving player problems, Developing Future Updates. Whatever is Required and Asked of me. I do work a full time job 2-10PM sunday through thursday so during those times i wouldnt be on.I donate atleast a little bit everypay check for Polycraftia and ill continue to do that for astero. :)  I know Polycraftian is gonna be a fantastic server. I wanna help it become great! :)  
Thank you for taking the time to View my application and have a wonderful day ~Cod

4 months ago