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Ban Appeal - Tidan

@ChefZuku Sure.

3 months ago

Ban Appeal - Tidan

Minecraft Name:

Ban reason:
Banned for duplication of items.

Date banned:
23 - 03 - 2019.

Is the ban reason justifiable?
Yes, I should be banned for this action.

If yes, why should we unban you?
Even I think I shouldn't be unbanned but, i've spent every free hour i had playing on the server. I probably spent around 6-7 hours a day on the server on week days and the entire day (if not away from home) on weekends. Secondly, While playing I was able to help a good portion of people start off and give them places to build their house and even money to get started with. Basically introducing people to the game making them want to login/play the next day. Lastly, while playing I felt like I was begining to become apart of a nice community with people who care about you. This even made me excited to see people I've become friends with login to the server. 

If no, explain why your ban wasn't justified
Write answer here.

3 months ago