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XxcranderxX's Ban Appeal

Minecraft Name:



Ban reason:



Date banned:



Is the ban reason justifiable?

Yes, I believe the ban is justifiable because I did in fact use a glitch to duplicate items on the server, and because of this other people on the server used it to get ahead and to make the game unfair


If yes, why should we unban you?


I feel I shouldn’t be unbanned but i should have my ban shortened because I’ve helped and reported previous glitches to make sure the game is fair and no one is getting an unfair advantage. My delay on the report was i didn’t fully understand the extent of the glitch, it was never my intentions to have other people abusing the glitch I thought I could trust people not to abuse or tell. All in all i'm sorry and next time I discover a glitch in the game I will make sure to not tell anyone about it and let you know ( A staff member) immediately so we can figure out the cause.


3 months ago

[DENIED] XxcranderxX's Staff Application

Minecraft Username: XxcranderxX

Timezone: Arizona

Age: 16

In-game Level: Tinkerer 3 or 160


What's your activity level?

My activity level is I try to play everyday about an hour at a time or more depending on if I have school work to do.


Do you know the server rules and features well?

The rules are very similar to other server rules like don’t harass, spam, exploit/hack, say controversial things. And most importantly be respectful of everyone in the community.

As with the features that are on the server I feel like I have a very decent footing on the features


What makes you better than other applying applicants?

The thing that makes me better than other applying applicants would have to be my ability to help out in most situations and my persistence to improve.


Why do you want to be a staff member?


I would love to be a staff member on the server because I have never been in a leadership/moderating position on a minecraft server before. I also have a little experience working with both the helpers and Astero fix a bug that was going on and I feel like it was something I could do.


3 months ago

[DENIED] Yetzer's Staff Application +1, real cool, and respectful
4 months ago

Thanking everyone.
 I joined the server, after quiting for a few years of playing minecraft, after being reccomended by a friend on discord and after being on the discord server for a while and seeing that they just recently released a new server. I figured hey might as well give it a try and become part of this small little family and to get to see it grow from the ground up. So after I got the server ip, I booted up my minecraft typed in the address and logged in. With me being on a crappy laptop trying to load a game it took awhile but when it loaded I was blown away with the entire server, especially with the story i was greeted with when logging in. Just being on the server was fun i got to adventure, see, and attempt to learn how to start on the server. Most of all i love the community and how the server is so young but it is fun to be on, i love the fact that I am a part of the polycraftia family.
4 months ago