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Quite a nice person. i think he might be good for staff.
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Minecraft Upgrading / Updating
Yes, that is correct. As I see how Minecraft in my opinion has been going down. Focusing on appeal on the Aspect of looks. But I wish they'd really put effort into 1.14's objectives. And I hope they arent basic achievements. "Astero:
I still love 1.13.2 a lot.

looking forward for 1.14 though. Saw that it adds many new objectives."


        Yetzer, yours only.
4 months ago

Minecraft Upgrading / Updating Hello Polycraftians,
    I am Yetzer, you're fellow friend and family. I dearly hope you are enjoying your stay on! I wanted to talk breifly about Minecraft version upgrading, well for no reason but to keep the community active and alert. 
    Oh yes, 1.5 was a rush in Minecraft activity. PvP was a boom, and a bunch of gamemodes / mini-games. I miss it, do you? Well came along minor updates, then more. Then beautiful nature updates in 1.7.10! 1.8 PvP was the Peak of its time. 1.9 had to ruin the fun, seemingly turning the game into a RPG for kids. Making the game more attractive on Apparel, and not focusing on the story or gameplay I may say. The structure or basic idea of the game is amazing. Servers like Polycraftia are doing amazing bringing the game fun, and enjoyment! I just wish the Enderdragon wasn't the final setor of the game. Yes, there is acheivements and others. But mods have had quests and all for years! Why doesn't Minecraft do it? I have no point in this topic, just a bit of fun I'm trying to have with the community. 
    Leave your reply down below, make sure to mention your own personal opion!!
            Best Regards
                        Yetzer ( Obadiah )
4 months ago

[ACCEPTED] Zuku's epic application. +1, very active veryvery. and he is always qucik to help me when Im poor and make me cry <3
4 months ago

[DENIED] Yetzer's Staff Application (edited)(F/26/19)Minecraft Username: Yetzer
Timezone: Central Time Zone
Age: 17
In-game Level: 72

What's your activity level? 

My standard activity level is around four to 11 hour days max on average. During the school week I spend as much time as possible, and on the weekends my time is devoted to During the summer I do hold a job of 10 hour days doing construction so it might bring my average hours down about 4 a day. No biggie there, I can tell I will be on way too much.

Do you know the server rules and features well?

I actually know the server rules and guidelines pretty decent. I always tend to heighten / promote rules in the chat to keep courts of cheaters/ law breaks out of the server. Most of the plugins I am familiar with, and more Admin plugins I have quite familiar with as well. I am always glad to learn about a new custom/basic plugin and learn to use it on a basis as needed. 

What makes you better than other applying applicants?

I over most players/people tend to keep my emotions down during rough times throughout gaming and moderating. I will and do treat everyone as innocent until proven guilty. As if someone has done negative, the punishment will be thought and applied, and will never hold a grudge on that subject. I always care to find a clean answer, or a solemn solution to an error/problem. 

Why do you want to be a staff member?

I am in search to spread positivity throughout Polycraftia and to keep the server players happy and delightful to be apart of the player-base. I am ready to server the community, as well as protect our fellow community. As whens someone reports an issue, I will do my fullest no mater what I have on my plate at the time being. I love and enjoy to engage in activities with the community too. 

Best Regards, 
4 months ago