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[ACCEPTED] Leonafox application

Minecraft Username: Leonafox
Timezone: pacific
Age: 34
In-game Level: 
Mayor 3
What's your activity level?
Everyday at least two or more hours
Monday thru Friday from 9am to at least 11 am then after that 5pm to 6 pm.

Do you know the server rules and features well?
Be respectful don't be racist, use common sense. Don't hack etc.. There is a lot of new features being added since it's new but i know the land protection feature really well I have used it before on a server I was staff on before. I also know the /c, /pet, /lpl to name a few. I also being staff before know a lot of the normal commands that are used for staff member's.  I also understand the rules about spamming a lot of people who apply for staff don't know when its spam and mute players for what they think is spam. 

What makes you better than other applying applicants?
I have loads of experience I have been on and off staff for a lot of different servers. I have experience with helping players with issues they may have while playing on the server. As a parent I know how to problem solve and think on my feet. I'm great with people.  I'm very social. I'm also 34 so i have age on my side.  I love to run events and keep the server busy and happy. With my experience I also seen hackers and people build machines to copy items so i know what they look like and can help ban the player before they do harm to the server.
I have OBS to record the hackers for proof. 

Why do you want to be a staff member?
I want to keep the server running smoothly and help players. I enjoy playing minecraft and this server is awesome so I want to help keep it that way

4 months ago