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What are the pros to this being added?

What are the cons to this being added to the server?

How will this make the server better?

Can this help the server grow?


3 months ago

Minecraft Upgrading / Updating

I love Minecraft version 1.12.2 and #You will be missed 


3 months ago

[DENIED] XxcranderxX's Staff Application

I do agree with astero you are actively online and know most of the plug-in that we have.

I would recommend that you add details through out your application and fix any grammar errors that you may have in the application as well.


4 months ago

[ACCEPTED] Leonafox application I also give you a +1 

I do see that you do get a long with all the player and are actively in voice call with players and are helping to bond the community with more player thought your YouTube channel and are helping the server grow as well that is why you have received a +1 from me 

Best of luck, 

​​​​​​         Chaos
4 months ago

[DENIED] RemasteredCods Staff Application I do agree with astero on your application, I am neutral if you can if what astero has said I will change it to plus 1
4 months ago