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Upgrading top level rewards (Chieftain, Judicator) Hi, so im level 413, almost Chieftain 3 and now that i see the rewards i think they should be upgraded, i mean, you can get more polycraftian keys by doing the easter egg thing than leveling up (Way way more harder)

Maybe the rewards of the higher levels could be more sethome, or commands, or changing the poly keys for phantom keys, better rewards for getting to that level, because its really hard to get that lvl and i think people wont care about /level if they dont have better rewards in top lvl
3 months ago

New Gamemode (Skylands) Hi, i know we already have a skyland world and its nice, but i think maybe a full skylands world could be nice, here i have some suggestions for that full skyland world:
- People wouldnt be allowed to build platforms in the void, if you want to build a farm or something you can always find another island near yours and do it so you wont ruin the game theme
- You can only travel island to island with enderpearls or elytra or TNT jumping cannons so people wont be buildings cobble bridges or dirt and leave them there ruining the esthetic
- You can get Bridges tickets in the vote crate to get a birdge between your islands
- You can get a Jumping Shard or something like that in vote crate to jump from one island to other
- Custom mobs in the gamemode 
- To get to your firts island you can do /randomtp, that island will be your firts island because you wont be able to get enderpearls or something if you havent play some time, if that island is really tiny you can ask the admin to give you one more randomtp, you can always get a randomtp Voucher in the vote crate

    Thats all i have, i now is a little estric the Bridges and the island to island thing but wouldnt be nice to have that skyland world filled with a lot of cobble and dirt bridges and square platforms instead of using the island to build. Hope you guys read this, ty grin
4 months ago

New players welcome message Every time a new player gets in the server we dont know if is new or regular player, maybe a message to all players every time a new user gets on? 
4 months ago

JrVz's Staff Application Hi, my name is Jose, im from Latin America so i know Spanish and English, i have some time in the server and i really like the way you guys made it and the theme idea, i would like to become staff because i like helping the people that joins every day and i have some knowledge about the way servers work. Im 18 years old, my playtime in the server is 3 hours per day and looking forward to help you guys to develop this awesome server 
4 months ago

Suggestion: Currency to buy shards in /e Instead of buying the shards with money, how about you could buy shards with exp? Like 5000exp for divine shards, 2000 for abandoned, etc
4 months ago